Hotel Partnership Program

Hotels can work in partnership with Corporate Transportation & Management Group to provide Hotel guests with the highest level of service possible – which in today’s consumer driven economy ensures you get great reviews and repeat customers while continually increasing your stellar reputation!

Managing a fleet of vehicles for any hotel is a challenging, time consuming and quite expensive proposition that requires additional staff, ongoing repairs and doesn’t truly allow you to focus on your hotel – the key element of your organization. CTMG extends the luxury of your brand with our fleet of first-class vehicles where only service which exceeds expectations is acceptable.

VIP guests expect exemplary service – and partnering with Corporate Transportation & Management Group will ensure you can focus on your guests needs at your facility, while we focus on providing your guests top-notch transportation services. We always go the “extra mile” to ensure your hotel transportation services are unmatched for our hotel partners.

Your Hotel partnering with Corporate Transportation Management Group will redefine excellence and rest assured that we will:

  • Provide only the finest, most professional and courteous service with our highly trained drivers.
  • Offer the best quality limousines and luxury sedans for your guests
  • Ensure our vehicles are always clean and well-maintained
  • Timeliness is critical to use to ensure on-time service
  • Handle all details to ensure we always exceed your guests expectations
  • Provide summarized billing and online access to your account at anytime
  • Communicate with you and your customers in the method chosen by you
  • Provide a singular web-based application to unify your front desk, concierge and reservations group sales department.
  • Live support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week

CTMG stands ready to handle all of our Hotel Partners needs. To get started today, simply contact us by sending us a message or by phone at 561-837-3001. We look forward to working with you long into the future!